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Building Louisiana's

Promoting quality career education, contributing to the well-being of Louisiana
through the collaborative efforts of training providers.

Providing Leadership, Support and Advocacy for Quality Career Education

LAPCS is the state association for private, post secondary and nonprofit colleges and schools that prepare students for today’s jobs and careers. There are approximately 154 colleges and schools in the state offering a wide range of occupational curriculum. These colleges and schools enable more students to reach their career goals and provide employers with skilled workers.

A Message From Our President

Welcome to the Louisiana Association of Private Colleges and Schools (LAPCS) website. Whether you area prospective student, parent, educator, or simply an individual passionate about workforce development, we are delighted to have you here. Our association comprises a diverse group of private colleges and schools, each committed to delivering outstanding career education opportunities to students across Louisiana.

As you navigate our website, you will discover a wealth of information about our member institutions, their academic programs, graduate achievement, and more. Our member colleges and schools are known for their commitment to training, personalized attention, and fostering an environment that
focuses on career success.

At LAPCS, we are dedicated to promoting advocacy, innovation, and continuous improvement in career education. We work with our member institutions and state legislators to address the workforce’s evolving needs and champion policies fostering equity and access to higher education.

On behalf of the entire LAPCS community, I encourage you to explore our website thoroughly and learn more about the positive impact of career education in Louisiana. Should you have any questions, require further assistance, or wish to become more involved in our mission, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Noah Brandon, MBA
President | LAPCS

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Stephen Wagley


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By joining LAPCS today you help ensure that our staff and lobbyists are working on the issues that directly affect you. LAPCS is entirely self-supporting and most of that revenue is from dues. While LAPCS works on behalf of all proprietary schools in Louisiana our resources are limited and those issues that we focus on are dictated by our member’s concerns. Too many times LAPCS is the first place non-member school’s call when regulations change and too many times it’s too late for LAPCS to provide effective help. By joining now YOU can help direct LAPCS’ priorities.

Benefits of Membership

  • We will help you protect your rights to operate your school in a business-like manner.
  • As a LAPCS Member, you are listed in the Member Directory of the LAPCS Website at where potential students and other interested persons can learn more about your School. Website links to members take interested parties directly to YOUR Website.
  • Invest in the future of your school… Annual memberships are $300.00.

Upcoming Events

Instructor Development Conference

This dynamic event will feature sessions on campus administration and education development. The event will feature an exhibit hall, general session room, networking meals and breaks, and an award ceremony for exceptional educator recipients.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana | April 12, 2024
Renaissance Baton Rouge, LA

ACES Events and Webinar Series

View the full schedule of events and activities available to LAPSC members here.

Frequently Asked Questions
For State Associations Supporting Proprietary Schools

A proprietary school is a privately owned educational institution that provides vocational training, career-focused programs, or specialized courses in various fields. These schools are
typically operated for profit and offer certificate programs, diplomas, and/or degrees.

What is the role of the state association supporting proprietary schools?

The state association supporting proprietary schools acts as a representative body for
proprietary schools within the state. Its primary role is to advocate for the interests of
proprietary schools, provide support and resources to member institutions, and ensure compliance with state regulations and standards.

To become a member of the LAPCS, a school needs to be an approved proprietary school
through Louisiana Board of Regents. This includes being a legally recognized proprietary
school within the state, complying with state regulations, and paying membership dues.

By joining the state association, proprietary schools gain access to a range of benefits, which
may include:
– Advocacy and representation at the state level to protect the interests of proprietary
– Networking opportunities with other member schools, industry professionals, and
– Professional development and training programs tailored to the needs of proprietary
school educators and administrators.
– Access to resources, such as research, best practices, and industry updates, to enhance
the quality of education and institutional operations.
– Assistance with navigating regulatory compliance and staying up-to-date with changes
in state laws and policies.
– Opportunities for collaboration on projects, initiatives, and partnerships that benefit
proprietary schools collectively.

LAPCS assists member institutions by providing guidance and resources related to regulatory
compliance. This may involve:
– Offering information on state-specific regulations, statutes, and licensing requirements.
– Organizing training sessions or workshops to help schools understand and implement
compliance measures.
– Acting as a liaison between member schools and relevant government agencies to
address compliance concerns or seek clarifications.
– Keeping member schools informed about changes in regulations and assisting in
adapting policies and practices accordingly.

While the state association may not directly provide financial assistance to proprietary schools,
it can offer guidance and resources to help schools explore potential funding opportunities. This
may include information on grants, scholarships, financial aid programs, or partnerships with external organizations that support education.

The state association supporting proprietary schools can assist member institutions with
marketing and promotion efforts by:
– Providing access to marketing resources, including templates, guidelines, and best
– Organizing conferences, fairs, or events where schools can showcase their programs and
services to a wider audience.
– Collaborating with member schools to develop joint marketing campaigns or initiatives.
– Sharing success stories, testimonials, and other positive narratives about proprietary schools to enhance their public image and reputation.

While the state association may have expertise in educational law and regulations, it is generally
recommended that proprietary schools consult their own legal counsel for specific legal advice.
The association can, however, provide general information and guidance on regulatory matters related to proprietary schools and direct schools to appropriate legal resources if needed.

Proprietary schools can contribute to the state association by actively participating in association activities, sharing best practices, and providing input on policy matters. They can also volunteer for committees, task forces, or working groups, where they can contribute their expertise and help shape the association’s initiatives and programs.

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