PSC-14 Proprietary School
License Requirements Checklist

  • PSC-1 – Proprietary School Application – Essential School Information
  • PSC-2 – Notarized Commitment Statement
  • Documentation of the legal structure of the school
    1. Secretary of State Documentation
    2. Listing of owners and percentage of ownership or corporate ownership
  • School’s Business Plan
  • See the Business Plan Guide for specific
  • Financial Items
    1. A current audited balance sheet of the school prepared by an independent, certified public accountant within six months prior to the date of the initial application for licensure.
    2. Certification by a school official that all information contained in the balance sheet is true and
  • Verification of surety bond coverage (PSC-3)
  • Certificate of occupancy or its equivalent issued by the local governing authority
  • Enrollment contracts or agreements
  • See Enrollment Agreement Guide and Refund Policy
  • Proposed published materials
    1. Advertisements including website or social media, flyers, bulletins,
    2. Sample certificates or diplomas the students will
    3. Any other published materials which will be transmitted to the public or prospective
  • Note: Website cannot be live until after Board’s vote to grant you a
  • Current accreditation granted by a nationally or regionally recognized accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Department of Education, if applicable.
  • The school catalog
  • See the Catalog Guide for specific
  • List of equipment available for instruction for each
  • Instructor Applications and Documentation
    1. Completed PSC-9 for each instructor
    2. Supporting documentation of requirements for each instructor
  • Solicitor (Recruiter) Applications and Documentation
    1. PSC-4 for each solicitor (must be notarized)
    2. Proof of $1,000 surety bond per solicitor either via a blanket bond (PSC-6) OR individual bond (PSC-5).
    3. $100 fee per (To be renewed each year.)
  • Notarized affidavit stating that the owner(s) has not plead guilty or been found guilty of a felony
    1. PSC-9 – Including Section B
  • PSC-17 – Initial License Tuition Refund Affidavit
  • Any other information required and requested by staff, based on specific programs/situations
  • Common Other Items include, but are not limited to:
    1. Bill of Sale for Change of Ownership applications
    2. Copies of Lease Agreements
    3. Signed clinical site agreements
    4. Approval letters from other government agencies, such as the Department of Health and Hospitals
  • License fee of $2,000 – Made payable to “Louisiana Board of Regents”
  • Student Protection Fund fee of $1,000 – Made payable to “Student Protection Fund”
  • Application Process Attestation